Head Pupils 

Every year, pupils at NCPS learn about and celebrate what democracy is, and why we value it, during Democracy Week. 

As well as learning about how democracy works in the UK, democracy also takes over at Newington.  After a week of campaigning around school, including every candidate giving a speech, our pupils go to the polls to elect our Year 6 Head and Deputy Head Pupils. 

This year, Thomas and Rosie were elected as Head Pupils, and Ronnie and Lily were elected as Deputy Head Pupils.

The results are in 🥁 Meet our new Head and Deputy pupils. A huge congratulations to you all ⭐️

Junior Leadership Team

Two children from every class across the school are elected to be representatives on the Junior Leadership Team. They meet regularly to discuss issues effecting the pupils of our school. These are shared during class assemblies and every child can vote on the matters that are important to them.

This year, the JLT have:

  • Discussed and written a JLT commitment on how they feel pupils should act and behave around the school.
  • Considered School Discos, what they love about them and what they think could be improved.
  • Mr Bennett has spoken to them about the Happy and Healthy Challenge and their feedback
  • The playground, what they enjoy about it and the challenges pupils face.

Year Six Prefects

In Year Six we want to give pupils the opportunity to hold a responsibility within the school, not only to contribute to the smooth running of the school, but to be role models for all pupils.

Every term, Year Six rotates Prefect positions, to ensure that all pupils who want this responsibility have the opportunity. 

Each class currently has:

  • Two Eco Prefects
  • Two Corridor Prefects
  • Two Librarians