University of Newington

 Dance, make-up art, journalism, dentistry, sports, science, architecture, emergency services, hairdressing, songwriting, and bug exploring were among the diverse range of topics studied by children at the ‘University of Newington’.

Pupils from the age of four years old enjoyed the chance to choose their own lessons in a university style learning experiment at Newington community primary school in Ramsgate which was so successful when it was launched that it is now a firm and popular part of the school year.

Teacher Hannah Beech co-ordinated the week. She said: “This is one of the most eagerly anticipated and exciting parts of the school year. Across the school, pupils are given the opportunity to enrol onto a wide range of courses, all with vocational themes.

“These courses enable our pupils to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of possible careers that they have an interest in. The courses, which are designed to be fun yet highly educational, are being led by teachers, but many course leaders invited professionals along to speak about their vocation.

“This gave pupils a chance to meet adults in the local community who work in their field of interest, making the experience as realistic as possible for the pupils.

“We love to support pupils in creating a strong vision for their future, and the Newington University week is a great example of our constant drive for ambition, achievement and aspiration.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes added: “This is a different style of educational experience and we hope it will encourage some of them to go all the way through to university post-secondary education – it is a long way off for them but if they get the idea in their minds now, we hope it will germinate and raise their aspirations.”

Other topics studied included pottery, cookery, fashion design, board game creation, space exploration, language translation, museum curating, and a military camp.



**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on 01843 593412.