Cross Country Event

 A massive congratulations to all the pupils who attended this year’s Cross Country Event at Quex Park on Saturday 25th February 2017.  Tackling head on winds and bumpy terrain our pupils demonstrated what it takes to be a true Newington Winner and persevered throughout their races. Here are some of the top results for each year group:

Year 3 Girls – Ella Cameron placed 14th out of 144

Year 3 Boys – Vasco Fonseca placed 54th out of 148

Year 4 Girls –Poppy Morris placed 14th out of 132

Year 4 Boys – Romeo Johnson placed 7th out of 118

Year 5 Girls – Lily-Ann Showers placed 24th out of 91

Year 5 Boys – Zak Hammond placed 25th out of 96

Year 6 Girls – Aaliyah Fox placed 11th out of 70

Year 6 Boys – Oliver Burch placed 28th out of 77



**For more information, contact Head Teacher Cliff Stokes on 01843 593412.